“Is not My word like a fire?” says the Lord, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? ~Jeremiah 23:29

What is The Bible Project?
The Bible Project is an initiative where the Christian churches, independent ministries and individuals in Greater Houston unite together to read aloud the 66 Books of the Bible publicly and simultaneously within one hour collectively but in 4 different locations. There will be one location on each side of the city: 1 location in the North, 1 location in the South, 1 location in the East, 1 location in the West.

When is The Bible Project?
The Bible Project will be held on Saturday, July 21st from 11:30am until 1:00pm. We will have a time of worship from 11:30am-12:00pm then we will begin reading the Bible aloud starting at 12:00pm and will conclude at 1:00pm. A worship team will continue in worship as volunteers read the Bible.  

Where will The Bible Project be held?

We will have 4 different outdoor public locations where Bible Readers will gather to read the Bible. Bible Readers can choose to go to the location nearest them or go to one of the other 3 locations based on their preference.

How are the Books, Chapters and Verses of the Bible assigned?
Specific verses will not be assigned. Individuals can choose which Book and Chapter(s) of the Bible they would like to read and if still available then we will assign them to the individual as requested. If the Book and/or Chapter(s) are not available then we will work with the individual on assigning an alternative. 


In order to ensure that the assigned readings can be completed within an hour we have limited the number of chapters that can be assigned to an individual. The maximum number of Chapters that can be assigned to an individual is four.


Churches: Churches also have the option to select a Book and recruit volunteers from their church to read the Chapters associated with the Book selected.


Who is eligible to participate?
The Bible Project is inter-denominational and we welcome all to participate. Bible Readers must be Christian and have the ability to read in order to participate. School-aged children that meet these criteria are also eligible to participate. All professing Christians regardless of denomination can and are encouraged to participate.


What translation of the Bible can be used?
Any version of the “Christian” Bible that contains the standard 66 Books of the Bible can be read aloud in your primary language. For example: If your primary language is Spanish then you can read your Bible Assignment in Spanish or English based on your preference.


How do I sign-up to become a Bible Reader?
You can sign-up online by clicking HERE or you can email us at bible@citywideoutreach.com. When emailing, please make sure to include Your First Name, Last Name, Contact Phone Number, Home Zip Code, Book & Chapter(s) of the Bible you would like to read (if no preference then please state that in email).


Churches: If you would like to be assigned an entire Book then please contact us directly.




Please feel free to contact us for questions or further information

Pastor Donnell Vigers: 713-294-9894
Minister Stephanie Vigers: 713-294-9638